Khmer Vocab

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Khmer Greetings Lesson 1 (general greetings)

Khmer Vocab 2 Colors

Khmer Verbs Vocab 2

Khmer Vocab 3 Flirting

Khmer Food Vocab 4  (mmmm, im hungry)

Khmer Love Vocab 5 (terms and phrases about love)

Khmer Food Vocab 6 (chicken, pork, beef, etc)

Khmer Animals Vocab 7 (Lions, tigers, bears, oh my!)

Khmer “You

Khmer Classifiers

The Khmer word Howie and “to know”

Cambodian Time Vocab 8 (ie days of the week, months, and general time terms)

Cambodian Body Parts Vocab 9

Cambodian Alphabet

Cambodian Writing System

Khmer Consonants 

Khmer Vowels

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Also dont forget the worksheets that accompany the vocabulary lessons.  And some of the lessons have videos…Again if you want a video of something specific let me know!



Khmer teacher vanna in Phnom Penh, cambodia

Your look-srey (female teacher)