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Top Five Khmer Foods to eat before you die!

5.) Baguettes* The french left some interesting architecture and food influence on Cambodia. I love baguettes, especilly when I see a lady with a basket full of fresh bread. Its so delicious and I can enjoy without the use of jelly or butter. Not only is the taste divine, the smell of a fresh loaf […]

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Khmer teacher Vanna

Khmer Teacher Vanna Q&A Session

Interview with Khmer Teacher Vanna Today is a general Q&A session with Khmer teacher Miss Vanna. Q: How did you get started doing Khmer Lessons? I was working at a restaurant part time and the owner was giving Chinese lessons to students. She thought it would be nice if I could give some lessons to […]

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study khmer syllabus

Study Khmer – Class Syllabus – Beginner

Study Khmer Syllabus A. Intro to Study Khmer This study Khmer syllabus is provided as a general informational guide to help you understand how a study Khmer program would progress. All lessons can be custom tailored to your wants and needs. This syllabus also is assuming you are a complete beginner to studying Khmer. Lesson 1 […]

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study khmer words need

Khmer Words for “to need”

Khmer Words: To Need Some Khmer words will have two words for only one English equivalent. On example is the verb: to need. The two Khmer words to to need are dtruaw and dtruaw-gaa. These words seem that that both have the same meaning, but really they have two different ways of being used. First dtuaw […]

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Cambodian body parts – vocab 9

Cambodian body parts vocabulary #9 veak-a-sab bpram-buon Here are some generic vocabulary words for different Cambodian body parts. Let’s start! I hope this table has helped you learn a couple new words about Cambodian body parts.

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