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My Friends – Translation & Vocab of a Khmer Story

Here is a simple story I wrote in Khmer, that should be easy to translate for beginners. The vocab focus’ on parts of the body.  I am going to list ten words before the story to help give a refresher on some of the words that appear in the story. Khmer Vocab Friend – ពួកម៉ាក​  […]

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kat sok, cut the hair

Khmer Wedding Ceremony ពីធីមង្គលការ​​

Khmer Wedding Ceremony ពីធីមង្គលការ​​ Bpii Tii Mong-kol-kaa   All men and women always want to have prospective partners who understand and love each other. Wedding preparation is very important to confirm that both are now a couple and will take care of each other until death. The wedding ceremony is very meaningful for each individual […]

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48 hours in Phnom Penh

How should one spend 48 hours in Phnom Penh? Sadly, most tourists to Cambodia are coming over from Thailand and on their way to Vietnam. There main “to do” is to visit Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, and pass through Phnom Penh for a night or two. So here is a guide to your 48 […]

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tuk tuk phnom penh

Tuk Tuk Rates in Phnom Penh

UPDATE for 2019: There is no need to haggle with tuk tuks anymore as the apps, Grab and PassAPP have made negotiating old fashion. Download either app and put in your location and drop off and the price will be shown on the app. Almost always Grab and PassAPP will be cheaper and even in […]

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cambodian school

Funny pictures of Cambodia

A-ruan sua-sdey bong (good morning!) Here is a quick article that is mostly pictures of funny mishaps in Cambodia. Most of these photos I have gotten (I guess stolen) off of Facebook.  Id like to mention their photographer source, but these were mostly viral pictures that showed up on my “wall”. Enjoy!   It says […]

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cambodia dates with album cover of dead kennedys

Important Cambodian Dates & Holidays

Here are some important Cambodian dates and Holidays for 2014. Some are already past, but ill list them as they’ll be pretty close for next year. January 1 – New years (international) January 7 – victory over genocide day February 14 – Meak Bochea day March 8 – Women’s day 🙂 April 14-16 – Khmer […]

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Top 5 Most Romantic Restaurants in Phnom Penh

  Eclipse Sky Bar – This restaurant is located on Monivong in the Phnom Penh Tower. The parking garage is off of Monivong, and you take the elevator to the 22nd floor and walk up one more level to where the rooftop bar is located. The restaurant has really nice views of Phnom Penh. The […]

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Cambodian visa

Cambodian visas When you enter Cambodia you will get a one month visa on arrival. This can be achieved 3 ways. The first one is through an international airport like phnom penh or siem reap. The second is crossing a land border at Poipet, Koh Kong, or numerous other border crossings. The third was is […]

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Durian monument in kampot cambodia

The Megastar Fruit – Durian

Durian season is upon us in Cambodia.  You can find durian in BKK1 market, o’russey, toul toam poung, or pretty much any market! Most people know of it as a smelly fruit, but it is much more then that. Kampot durian is known to be one of the worlds best (it costs two times as […]

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Top Five Khmer Foods to eat before you die!

5.) Baguettes* The french left some interesting architecture and food influence on Cambodia. I love baguettes, especilly when I see a lady with a basket full of fresh bread. Its so delicious and I can enjoy without the use of jelly or butter. Not only is the taste divine, the smell of a fresh loaf […]

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