Update for Learning Khmer 2019

I have not updated this website in a long time, and have been teaching a lot. I recently hired another teacher to go along with me, so I should have more time to try to update the website and to create new content like videos to help learn the Khmer alphabet, vocabulary sheets like I […]

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My Friends – Translation & Vocab of a Khmer Story

Here is a simple story I wrote in Khmer, that should be easy to translate for beginners. The vocab focus’ on parts of the body.  I am going to list ten words before the story to help give a refresher on some of the words that appear in the story. Khmer Vocab Friend – ពួកម៉ាក​  […]

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Khmer transportation vocabulary sheet

Khmer transportation lesson Kaa-dek-jon-joon ការដឹកជញ្ជូន

This lesson comes from my intermediate book, Learn Khmer Now. The chapter starts off with a vocabulary list with some important Cambodian transportation words. The Khmer words are written in a romanization script which is not perfect, and then there is the perfect Khmer script. Then after the vocabulary list there are mini conversations. Most […]

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kat sok, cut the hair

Khmer Wedding Ceremony ពីធីមង្គលការ​​

Khmer Wedding Ceremony ពីធីមង្គលការ​​ Bpii Tii Mong-kol-kaa   All men and women always want to have prospective partners who understand and love each other. Wedding preparation is very important to confirm that both are now a couple and will take care of each other until death. The wedding ceremony is very meaningful for each individual […]

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Khmer romance lesson – Prahom Lok

Here is a small preview of my intermediate book for Khmer. The first section introduces some new vocabulary, then some English conversations that are translating into Cambodian script and Khmer romanization. Next there are some multiple choice questions to practice. Finally there are some repetitive exercises like matching or word searches. This lesson was copied […]

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Cambodian Environment Words

Here are some Cambodian environment words that come from my upcoming book, Learn Khmer Now. All of these Khmer words pertain to the environment, which is a hot issue lately in Cambodia. Sorry about the formatting as I copied from microsoft word where it looks nice, but not too nice here, but maybe it helps […]

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48 hours in Phnom Penh

How should one spend 48 hours in Phnom Penh? Sadly, most tourists to Cambodia are coming over from Thailand and on their way to Vietnam. There main “to do” is to visit Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, and pass through Phnom Penh for a night or two. So here is a guide to your 48 […]

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Random Cambodian Sentences and words

Here are about 20 Khmer words with a sentence in Khmer script and Cambodian romanization. I did this for another student, and hope this helps others! Let me know what you think! mee-rian dtii muay    មេរៀនទី១        thmei  ថ្មី    new Ex:     I like to shop at new market. ខ្ញុំ​​​​      ចូលចិត្ត   ដើរទិញឥវ៉ាន់   នៅផ្សារថ្មី ។ knhom […]

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cambodia resources

Here are some links for cambodia I will update as I go on. I had a link page before, but somehow it got deleted.   http://www.cambodiaexpatsonline.com/ Chardham Yatra khmer440.com  

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tuk tuk phnom penh

Tuk Tuk Rates in Phnom Penh

UPDATE for 2019: There is no need to haggle with tuk tuks anymore as the apps, Grab and PassAPP have made negotiating old fashion. Download either app and put in your location and drop off and the price will be shown on the app. Almost always Grab and PassAPP will be cheaper and even in […]

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