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Khmer transportation vocabulary sheet

Khmer transportation lesson Kaa-dek-jon-joon ការដឹកជញ្ជូន

This lesson comes from my intermediate book, Learn Khmer Now. The chapter starts off with a vocabulary list with some important Cambodian transportation words. The Khmer words are written in a romanization script which is not perfect, and then there is the perfect Khmer script. Then after the vocabulary list there are mini conversations. Most […]

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Khmer romance lesson – Prahom Lok

Here is a small preview of my intermediate book for Khmer. The first section introduces some new vocabulary, then some English conversations that are translating into Cambodian script and Khmer romanization. Next there are some multiple choice questions to practice. Finally there are some repetitive exercises like matching or word searches. This lesson was copied […]

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Random Cambodian Sentences and words

Here are about 20 Khmer words with a sentence in Khmer script and Cambodian romanization. I did this for another student, and hope this helps others! Let me know what you think! mee-rian dtii muay    មេរៀនទី១        thmei  ថ្មី    new Ex:     I like to shop at new market. ខ្ញុំ​​​​      ចូលចិត្ត   ដើរទិញឥវ៉ាន់   នៅផ្សារថ្មី ។ knhom […]

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study khmer syllabus

Study Khmer – Class Syllabus – Beginner

Study Khmer Syllabus A. Intro to Study Khmer This study Khmer syllabus is provided as a general informational guide to help you understand how a study Khmer program would progress. All lessons can be custom tailored to your wants and needs. This syllabus also is assuming you are a complete beginner to studying Khmer. Lesson 1 […]

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study khmer words need

Khmer Words for “to need”

Khmer Words: To Need Some Khmer words will have two words for only one English equivalent. On example is the verb: to need. The two Khmer words to to need are dtruaw and dtruaw-gaa. These words seem that that both have the same meaning, but really they have two different ways of being used. First dtuaw […]

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khmer vowel u

Cambodian Vowels – first seven

Cambodian Vowels Sra Khmer has twenty four simple Cambodian vowels which have unique sounds depending on the consonant that is used. A lot of Cambodian vowels have 2 sounds, one for AUgust consonants and also one for the shOW consonants. Some vowels only have one sound for both the AUgust and shOW consonants. The vowels […]

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Khmer consonant ngo

Khmer Consonants (first ten)

Khmer Consonants Here are the first ten Khmer consonants. Some are from the AU group and show from the shOW group. You need to hear the word to really understand the pronunciation. But for now this is better then nothing. Hopefully I will have time and can add audio files for each of the letters that are […]

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khmer consonant gau

Cambodian Writing System

Cambodian Writing System Intro to Khmer reading and writing The Cambodian writing system looks way different then English, Spanish, French or any romanticized language. The good thing is Khmer is phonetic and thus easy to learn how to pronounce and spell the words easily. There are few exceptions to Khmer grammar rules and not like […]

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Khmer teacher vanna in Phnom Penh, cambodia

The Khmer You

Intro to Khmer You In the Cambodian language there are different ways to say the word, you. The nondescript generic version is nek, but many other Khmer you words can used more accurately and more precisely. Khmer You Vocab Words Nek-gruu – Teacher (f), This can be used when speaking to a female teacher I […]

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Khmer greetings – lesson 1

Khmer Greetings – Lesson 1 Here are some general Khmer greetings, and some other basic words to help you learn Khmer. Enjoy! *If you need to catch a waiter or waitress’attention just call out aun or bong depending on if they are older or younger. If it is a girl and in doubt her age, […]

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