Khmer vocab 2 verbs

Khmer vocab 2 verbs Here are 14 khmer verbs, and one noun that commonly goes along with one of the khmer verbs. These words really come in handy. When you feel you have mastered these words, try testing yourself at: Vocab 2 verbs worksheet. 

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Khmer House – Vocab 1

Khmer House Vocab 1 Things in/ at your Khmer House * If you learn one word or phrase out of this Khmer house section, I would suggest you learn neu na. This word can come in handy if you need to find something or are lost. So review this lesson for a bit, then head […]

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Khmer greetings – lesson 1

Khmer Greetings – Lesson 1 Here are some general Khmer greetings, and some other basic words to help you learn Khmer. Enjoy! *If you need to catch a waiter or waitress’attention just call out aun or bong depending on if they are older or younger. If it is a girl and in doubt her age, […]

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Introduction to Khmer

A. Introduction to Khmer Khmer, additionally called Cambodian, is Cambodian\’s language. This is an introduction to khmer and will briefly touch on some main concepts. Khmer is additionally understood by individuals in several bordering countries like Kingdom of Thailand (in the eastern area called Surin, and also Buriram, Thailand), in Laos and within the \’\”krum\”\” […]

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Koh Kong Safari Zoo

If you are traveling from/to Thailand, it makes sense to spend at least one day and night in Koh Kong. Koh Kong has the best zoo (to me) in Cambodia and even beats the Sracha tiger zoo. There are the usual zoo sight seeing things, along with some interesting live shows. There is the man […]

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Top Ten First Khmer Words to Learn

Some easy and important first Khmer words to learn right away. 10.  Jo jet – like – This is easy to pronounce and can use this word in a lot of different situation. 9. Sadam – (just like the old leader of Iraq lol) Right 8. Chwang – Left – When giving directions it can […]

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Cambodian monks sit at top of Phnom Chisor

Phnom Chisor Day Trip

Phnom Chisor Day Trip Phnom Chisor is translated as Chisor mountain or Chisor hill (phnom=hill). It is roughly an hour and half south of Phnom Penh. The temple is from around 10/11 century AD and was built by King Suryavarman I. The trip has 3 enjoyable aspects to it. First is the temple ruins itself. Walking […]

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Count to Ten in Khmer

Count to Ten in Khmer How to count from 1 to ten in khmer with the number script in khmer on the left and the khmer alphabet after the english written word. Enjoy! ១ 1 – one មួយ- muy ២ 2 – two – ពីរ-bpee ៣ 3 – three បី-buy ៤ 4)- four បួន-buan ៥ 5 – five ប្រាំ-bpram Now take […]

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