Top Ten First Khmer Words to Learn

Some easy and important first Khmer words to learn right away.

10.  Jo jet – like – This is easy to pronounce and can use this word in a lot of different situation.

9. Sadam – (just like the old leader of Iraq lol) Right

8. Chwang – Left – When giving directions it can help your moto dop or tuk tuk driver if you can say right or left, especially if it prevents your moto dop from moving his eyes from the road and looking at you to try to decipher which way to go. So id say Sadam and Chwang are pretty important first Khmer words to learn lol.

7. Tlai pon maan? – How much – Extremely useful and might prevent the market sellers from asking a super high opening price.

6. Tlai nas – Expensive! – If they ask for too much say tlai nas and the price will probably could down to a reasonable level.

5. Sa art- Beautiful – Always nice to tell a lady she is beautiful for romantic purposes and for the nice old grandma selling you bii (rice)

4. La aor – Good, nice  – Always important to know the word for good, and the opposite bad is et la aor.

3. Chnagn – Delicious – After cooking food who doesnt like to be told their food was delicious?

2. Aun/Bong – younger/older/hey you – If you are at a restaurant and need service just say aun if the waiter is younger and bong if older. This should get their attention. When finished and wanting to pay a polite soam kit luy will bring the bill.

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1. Aw te – no, dont want – When drinking beer, eating dinner, walking, anywhere, etc there will be beggars, moto dops, tuk tuks, and sellers all trying to vie for your attention (and riels!). If you need their services great, but if you just smile and say awt te they probably will go around. If you the person is younger you can say awt te aun or if older can say awt te bong.

PS Aaw-kuhn = Thank you and Soam (please)- Should be the first khmer words to learn. Bon dtub dtek (bathroom) is pretty important of a word too, and probably should have maybe the top ten list of first Khmer words to learn.

I hope these ten first Khmer words to learn were useful for you.

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