Khmer tutor vanna's infographic that explains what services she offers and what she likes to do

Hello, my name is Vanna, I am a Khmer tutor for four years (10 years now) and have had this website since the beginning of 2014. I give one on one training lessons to anyone that wants to learn Khmer. In my experience, private lessons with a tutor is the best way to learn a complex language like Khmer (or sometimes called Cambodian).

My Khmer lessons focus on real life everyday Khmer language, versus a text book. This means that sentences will sound like an authentic Cambodian and not a textbook.

Wherever you are in the world, there is no obstacle as Skype opens the  door to online lessons.  If you are in Phnom Penh and wish to do lessons, I can do in person lessons too, or like many students they do Skype lessons for a while and then come to Cambodia and we get to meet in real life and have a great time! Sometimes we will just grab a bite to eat in a local Cambodian restaurant and we can practice your Khmer in real life.

This site has Vocab lessons with worksheets to help you practice. There are also a small number of YouTube videos, but I am trying to add many more videos in the future. Finally, there are articles about Khmer culture, politics, and things to do in Cambodia.

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