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Khmer romance lesson – Prahom Lok

Here is a small preview of my intermediate book for Khmer. The first section introduces some new vocabulary, then some English conversations that are translating into Cambodian script and Khmer romanization. Next there are some multiple choice questions to practice. Finally there are some repetitive exercises like matching or word searches. This lesson was copied […]

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Khmer consonant ngo

Khmer Consonants (first ten)

Khmer Consonants Here are the first ten Khmer consonants. Some are from the AU group and show from the shOW group. You need to hear the word to really understand the pronunciation. But for now this is better then nothing. Hopefully I will have time and can add audio files for each of the letters that are […]

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c grammar lesson

Khmer classifiers

Khmer Classifiers Brief introduction to Cambodian Classifiers Specific words that are used to identify nouns are called classifiers. The Khmer language commonly uses classifiers for some words, but sometimes they are not used at the speakers discretionary. Confusing I know! English does have it’s set of classifiers like glasses of beer, pairs of shoes, and […]

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Timmy loves Cambodia word s

To Know and How to use the Cambodian word howie

2 Cambodian word s To Know: The first word Cambodian word we are going to learn is the three different ways to say to know.   The first one is jeh or Ja. This means to know how to do something. The next word is dung, which is to know knowledge about something.  For example […]

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Mistakes when learning khmer will cause Cambodian police will get you.

Top Ten Mistakes when Learning Khmer

Top Ten Mistakes when learning khmer 10. Giving up  Most foreigners eagerly start trying to learn khmer. At first there learning is going up exponentially and their confidence is growing as now they can eat at local restaurants, can go to the market and negotiate, and direct a motodop. Sadly after learning the basics, going […]

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Khmer Love Words – Vocab 5

Here are a small sampling of some khmer words that show love and affection or describe one’s marital status. Enjoy!  

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th (1)

Top Ten Khmer Proverbs

Here are the Top Ten Khmer Proverbs. Enjoy! 10.  A mountain never has two tigers Phnom mouy min del mean kla pi  9. A bunch of sticks can not be broken. Changkes mouy bach kach min bak 8.  When water raises, fish eats ant; when water lowers, ants eat fish Dtek loeng trey sisra-mauch, dtek […]

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Khmer Worksheet – vocab 1

Khmer Worksheet – Vocab 1 Matching This is the worksheet that accompanies the Vocab lesson 1. Khmer Crossword Puzzle Click more for the answer! (more…)

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Khmer Flirting – Vocab 3

Here are some phrases to help you flirt with khmers a little bit with the opposite sex. So let’s get going with Khmer Flirting. Tlor! Ta (Common, Lets start) When you are done practicing go to Cambodian Flirting Worksheet to try your luck!

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Khmer Colors – Vocab 2

Khmer Colors Vocab 2 Here is a youtube video to help you with your pronunciation of the khmer colors and to help your listening. Sorry it is not edited, or shows the translations and transliterations on the video. When I get more time, maybe I will come back and clean up this video a little […]

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