To Know and How to use the Cambodian word howie

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To Know:

The first word Cambodian word we are going to learn is the three different ways to say to know.  

The first one is jeh or Ja. This means to know how to do something.

The next word is dung, which is to know knowledge about something.  For example kynum dung. I know something, and conversely kynum min dung dtee is I dont know. Some speakers also use awt dung.

The last way is about knowing someone (a person). The Cambodian word is sgoal. Dtau look sgoal bong Timmy dtee. The translation is, “Do you know Timmy?”

Timmy loves Cambodia word s


The first meaning for the Cambodian word howie is already. Gee jeh ni-yiay howie. He already knows how to talk. Kynum muhl gon nih howie. I have already seen this movie. When howie is representing always it is usually at the end of the sentence.

Howie can also be used to talk about the past. Khmer verbs do not have conjugation to show tenses like past, present and future. The listener has to go off of context and sometimes classifiers. Howie is one of these aforementioned classifiers. kynum tov psaa howie, which means i went to the market already, thus past tense.

If you don’t know what a classifier is, or want to know more about Cambodian classifiers this article, “Khmer Classifiers” contains an introduction to what a classifier is. It also explains where the classifier is used in the sentence structure and also has a vocabulary list of the most common Khmer classifiers.



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