Khmer Flirting – Vocab 3

Here are some phrases to help you flirt with khmers a little bit with the opposite sex. So let’s get going with Khmer Flirting. Tlor! Ta (Common, Lets start)

Khmer English
sa-art beautiful
srey-sa-art beautiful girl
chguat crazy
sabaii happy
kooik-jet heart broken
bpi-baak-jet sad
riab-gaa to marry
gaa married
liiw single
Dorch kernch nov na I think I saw you somewhere
Peak ko ail sa-art nas dol huy you are wearing a very beautiful dress
Pel chop tvwer gar huy dtov nhum ei grao chia moiu bong te?  after your work is done – do you like to go outside and eat something with me?
Soam nek  dtour-ro-subp ban te? Can I have your number?
Mien song sa nov? do you have a boyfriend yet?
Kynum jong skorl nek I want to get to know you
Moak neng dorch skorl your face looks similiar to someone.

When you are done practicing go to Cambodian Flirting Worksheet to try your luck!

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