Top Ten Khmer Proverbs

Here are the Top Ten Khmer Proverbs. Enjoy!

10.  A mountain never has two tigers

Phnom mouy min del mean kla pi


 9. A bunch of sticks can not be broken.

Changkes mouy bach kach min bak

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8.  When water raises, fish eats ant; when water lowers, ants eat fish

Dtek loeng trey sisra-mauch, dtek hauch sra-mauch si trey

th (2)

7. Anger is damage; anger is waste

Khoeng koch, khoeng khat

(I need to work on this khmer proverb :))


6.  Feeling shame of being ignorant leads to having knowledgeable, feeling shame of being poor leads to wealth.

Kmas lngueng toeb ches,Kmas kror toeb mean

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Top 5 Khmer Proverbs

5. Knowing is never better

than willingness

Chea min chnah chorng


4.  Knowledge is from learning, wealth from business

Ches mok pi rean, mean mok pi rork

iStock_000003541361Small3.  Elephant that has 4 feet will always trip, respectable wise man will always forget  

Damrey choeung buon khung mean bploat, nek prach ches stoat khung mean phlek

I had to change the translation to this khmer proverb a little to make sure the 4 feet is understood as the elephant having literally 4 feet to stand on and not 4 feet tall.

th (4)

2. Drop by drop fills the container

Tork Tork Penh Bampong

th (5)1. Knowing ten is not equal  to having one skill

Ches dob min smoeuning prasab mouy

th (6)

I hope you enjoyed all of these great khmer proverbs. Khmer proverbs usually make a lot sense, and their translations could give some motivation to our lives.

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