Khmer Consonants (first ten)

Khmer Consonants

Here are the first ten Khmer consonants. Some are from the AU group and show from the shOW group. You need to hear the word to really understand the pronunciation.

But for now this is better then nothing. Hopefully I will have time and can add audio files for each of the letters that are clickable and can hear my voice to really hear the Khmer consonants 100% correctly.

The first Khmer consonant we are going to learn is gau, goh or gah.

khmer consonants gau

 The next letter is Kau, koh kuh. This is the same ending sound as the previous letter, just different with the first letter being a K.

Khmer consonant  Kau

The next letter looks like our first letter. It is said goo or go

Khmer consonant gowNext letter is pronounced like koo or ko

Khmer consonants koo

 Next is Ngoo or Njur

Khmer consonant ngoo

 Continuing we come to the letter, ja or jau

Khmer consonant jauNext is chau, which has a bunch of scribble and looks completely different then any English letter equivalent.

Khmer consonants chau

 Next is joo or jo

Khmer consonant jooNext one looks like the 4th one, koo but the beginning loop of the letter is at the bottom, not the top. It is pronounced choo or cho

Khmer consonant chooThe last one for this lesson is ñoo or ngo.

Khmer consonant ngo

I hope these have helped you learn your first ten Khmer consonants. Remembering them, pronouncing, and how to write the Khmer consonants are all equally important.

If you haven’t read the Intro to Cambodian writing system I strongly suggest you go there to read that article. If already have read that keep practicing these and come back and soon I will have the next ten Khmer consonants up and ready!




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