Cambodian Vowels – first seven

Cambodian Vowels


Khmer has twenty four simple Cambodian vowels which have unique sounds depending on the consonant that is used. A lot of Cambodian vowels have 2 sounds, one for AUgust consonants and also one for the shOW consonants. Some vowels only have one sound for both the AUgust and shOW consonants. The vowels can have either a short or long sound

All simple vowels have to be with a consonant. Consonant sounds will always be before the vowel sound.  Be careful through that the vowel may be on top of, in front of,  or below the consonant.

Cambodian has eleven advanced vowels, but these are rarely used. They can be used without a consonant attached. Dont worry about these unless you have the rest of the alphabet down pat!

vowel (sra) vowel name (chmore sra) AU sound OW sound location
sra aa cambodian vowel sra aa aa ia right
srey e cambodian vowelsra ey eyi top
sra ey cambodian vowelsra ey ey ii top
sra eurgh cambodian vowelsra gUn gUn gUn top
cambodian vowel uhlsra uhl rUler uhl uhl top
khmer vowel usra oh! oh! u bottom
cambodian vowel sra oosra oo oouu bottom


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