Khmer Colors – Vocab 2

Khmer Colors

Vocab 2

Here is a youtube video to help you with your pronunciation of the khmer colors and to help your listening. Sorry it is not edited, or shows the translations and transliterations on the video. When I get more time, maybe I will come back and clean up this video a little bit.

Khmer English
bpoa crawl-home red
bpoa kiaw blue*
bpoa lluang yellow
bpoa tnaot brown
bpoa kmau black
bpoa sawl white
bpoa bai-dtoong green*

*Some Cambodians will list blue and green as the same Khmer colors so the word blue, ‘bpoa kiaw’ can be used as blue or green. Green can not be used to describe blue through…so in doubt when you learn Khmer colors, learn blue first before you learn green lol.

After reviewing, please go the accompany Khmer Colors Worksheet to practice!


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