Khmer House – Vocab 1

Khmer House Vocab 1

Things in/ at your Khmer House

Khmer English
dtok (tuk) table
grey bed
gau-ey chair
tvwia door
bong-uik window
bon-dtub room
bon-dtub-geeng bedroom
bon-dtub-dtek bathroom
pdteah house
neu na? where*
siaw-pau book

* If you learn one word or phrase out of this Khmer house section, I would suggest you learn neu na. This word can come in handy if you need to find something or are lost.

So review this lesson for a bit, then head over here at Khmer House Worksheet to do some practice!

After learning these Khmer house words, I’d suggest you learn colors next so then you can say red bed or in Khmer the noun comes first, then the adjective, so bed red would be  grey crawl-home.

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