The Megastar Fruit – Durian

Durian season is upon us in Cambodia.  You can find durian in BKK1 market, o’russey, toul toam poung, or pretty much any market! Most people know of it as a smelly fruit, but it is much more then that. Kampot durian is known to be one of the worlds best (it costs two times as much a thai durian). Kampot even has a durian monument!

Durian monument in kampot cambodia

Durian Statue!

The word durian can be pronounced in Khmer as thouren or written in Khmer as ធូរេន. The fruit is very tasty, I highly recommend you try one! It looks like it has brown spikes on the outside with a greenish skin, and inside is a creamy yellow stuff.  If trying fresh durian isn’t that great, try durian ice cream or rice with durian and coconut milk…They even have durian chips!

One more odd fact about Durians in Cambodia is there is a band called Durians!! There facebook page is at:


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