Cambodian visa

Cambodian visas

When you enter Cambodia you will get a one month visa on arrival. This can be achieved 3 ways. The first one is through an international airport like phnom penh or siem reap. The second is crossing a land border at Poipet, Koh Kong, or numerous other border crossings. The third was is to use the internet and get a “e-visa”.

If you want to come for 30 days or less then get a tourist visa. This visa costs 20 dollars and  is valid only once and grants you 30 days in the Kingdom. You can extend for ONE more 30 day period that will cost around another 45 dollars.  You will need a passport photo, or if you forget or dont have a dollar or two will take place of the photo.

Let’s say you want to stay longer then 60 days or plan to travel in and out of the country a lot. I suggest you ask for an “ordinary” or “business” visa. You can not do an E-visa for this type of visa This is 25 dollars and is valid only for 30 days.Some land crossings will ask for extra money or say you need paperwork to show you are doing business. This is not true, and it is up to you on how long you want to sit at the office waiting to get in for the non bribed price.

This visa can be extended for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. The six and twelve month options will allow multiple entries, IE can leave and re-enter without getting a new visa. You will need a travel agent to extend your initial one month visa. A 6 month is around 150 dollars and the year is around 285 dollars.

**another scam at land border crossings is officials trying to get you to pay in Thai baht at horrible exchange rates….1000 baht is usually quoted.  Also guys will come up and ask you if you need help, wave them away unless you want them to ask (demand) money at the end for helping get you through when you dont really need help, it is very simple to cross the border.

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