Funny pictures of Cambodia

A-ruan sua-sdey bong (good morning!)

Here is a quick article that is mostly pictures of funny mishaps in Cambodia. Most of these photos I have gotten (I guess stolen) off of Facebook.Β  Id like to mention their photographer source, but these were mostly viral pictures that showed up on my “wall”. Enjoy!


phnom penh garbage dumpIt says guesthouse 5 dollars for 3 hours or 12 us dollars for all night lol.


Phnom Penh style moto snorkelCreative use of pipe so water doesnt get in exhaust πŸ™‚


cambodia roll cageCambodian style roll cage lol!


moto rides through cambodian monsoonKhmer guy peeing by his tuk tuk in daylight!!!!! oh no πŸ™‚


khmer guy walking through floodIt can really flood in Phnom Penh sometimes.

wifi error cambodian signguess they didnt proof read. Free fiwi, I like the ring of it :).

cambodian schoolSend your kids for singi…errrr English lessons at American Idol International School. Im not sure if im confidant in that school.

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