Top Five Khmer Foods to eat before you die!

khmer foods t shirt reading keep calm and eat prahok.5.) Baguettes*

The french left some interesting architecture and food influence on Cambodia. I love baguettes, especilly when I see a lady with a basket full of fresh bread. Its so delicious and I can enjoy without the use of jelly or butter. Not only is the taste divine, the smell of a fresh loaf is amazing.

If you want you can put jelly, butter, cheese or sardines in tomato sauce into the baguette. Actually anything you put in the baguette will taste excellent lol.

Another example of putting something in the baguette is ording an egg omelet and stuffing that inside and then dipping the sandwich into a mixture of  dtuk dtrey (fish sauce) and a couple of chillies mixed in the sauce.

4. Samlor Machou Yuon

Samlor Machou mean sour soup and yuon means vietnamese or a racial slur for vietnamese. Here it is not used as a slur and can be called samlor machou yuon. The great thing about Cambodian cuisine is the mixture of the French, Viets, Thais, and Chinese elements in the food. All parts of these cultures have been mixed up and become uniquely Khmer.

3.) Kampot Pepper

Kampot pepper was world renowned pre KR days, but it is starting to become in vogue again. It is hard to write about pepper being a must eat, but to me Kampot pepper is a lot better then the run of the mill pepper.

2.) Fish Amok

Amok dtrey or fish aok is excellent. The fish is coated in coconut milk and kroeung and steamed or cooked. There are many different recipes that differ a little bit. Here is a good recipe for trying Fish Amok.

1.) Prahok

The main typical cambodian dish. Prahok is salted, fermented fish paste that can be eaten alone, with rice, or used as a condiment on pretty much anything. Some people hate and some love it. If you have never ate Prahok, well you never really eaten Cambodian Food


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