Khmer Animals Vocab 7

Khmer Animals

First word is not going to be any Khmer animals. To begin we are going to learn a slang cuss word for dogs butt. After that it will just be a bunch of Khmer animals with their Cambodian translation next to it. Enjoy!


Sat (Khmer) Animals (Englee)
Kiki Lu Lu Dogs bottom
chgaeu dog
chmaa cat
dtrey fish
jaab bird
dtao lion
klaa tiger
klaa-kmum bear
dom-rey elephant
moan chicken
goo cow
jruuk pig
seh horse
chluh deer

For the other half of the Khmer animal list click more.

Sat (Khmer) Animals (Englee)
svwaa monkey
bpoo-bpee goat
jiam sheep
chgae-jo-jook wolf
jiing-jook lizard
dtia duck
grey-bey water buffalo
grey-bpee crocodile
bpuah snake
muuh mosquito

Khmer animal that is a monkey is called svwaaCan you remember what monkey is???????

Khmer animal that is a bear is called klaa-kmumWhat about bear?????

If not scroll down to find the answer or go back up and find it in the vocab list.






Svwaa is monkey and klaa-kmum is bear. I hoped you enjoyed learning about Khmer animals.


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