Cambodia Time

Cambodia Time

This vocabulary lesson about Cambodia Time is going to cover days of the week, the months, and general terms to help one talk about time.


tngai, day

aa-dtit/sa-bdaa, week

kae, month

chnam, year

tngai-jan, monday

tngai-aung-gia, tuesday

tngai-bput, wednsday

tngai-bpra-hoa, thursday

tngai-sok, friday

tngai-sau, saturday

tngai-aa-dtit, sunday

tngai-nih, today

tngai naa, which day

graoy, later

mun, before

aa-dtit-graoy, next week

aa-dtit-mun, last week

kae-graoy, next month

kae-mun, last month

sa-aek, tomorrow

kaan-sa-aek, day after tomorrow

msel-miñ, yesterday

msel-mngai, day before yesterday

kae-mak-gra, january

kae-gom-peah, february

kae-mii-nia, march

kae-mii-nia, march

kae-oo-sa-pia, may

kae-mi-to-naa, june

kae-gak-ga-daa, july

kae-sey-haa, august

kae-gañ-yaa, september

kae-dto-laa, october

kae-vwi-je-gaa, november

kae-tnuu, december

kae naa, which month

The month can also be learned with using the number. For example, January is kae-muay which is first month…June would be kae-bpram-muay since June is the sixth month.

I hope these vocabulary words help you learn a little about Cambodia Time.

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