Khmer Food – Vocab 6

This is a pretty big lesson since there is a lot of specific words that are need to be known and are important. So with that let’s start learning about khmer foods.

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Section 1. Khmer food and phrases

I want Dessert: Kynom jong baan bon-aem

I’m full: Kynom cha-aet howie

Im drunk: kynom sro-vwong howie

Alcohol: sraa

can i have the bill: (soam) kit luy

beef: saik-goo

pork – saik jruuk

chicken: saik-moan

fish: dtrey


beer: bia



Click more to read about Cambodia food phrases. 

Section 2 Mostly phrases and little more Cambodian vocab.

This section does not have a video yet, but will soon. Keep checking back as it is scheduled to be my next video!

I want to order – kynom jong yook

what would you like to eat? – jong nyum ey klah dae?

water – dtuk

what would you like to drink – jong nyum dtuk ey dae?

more – time

I would like some more rice – soam bii time

ice – dtuk-gaaw

soam dtuk-gaaw baan te?

hel – spicy

delicious – chngan

vegetarian – mo-nuh dtoom saik

I know that is a lot of words, but you would be surprised by how many times you say most of these khmer food words everday.

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