Khmer verbs – Worksheet 2

Section 1 – Match the english verbs to their khmer verbs.

Here is the khmer verbs worksheet that accompanies vocabulary lesson #2. Enjoy!


1.,_____,to go, a, leeng

2.,_____,to listen, b, aan

3.,_____,to buy, c, soh-see

4.,_____,to work, d, dteu

5.,_____,to watch, e, ni-yiay

6.,_____,to play, f, jool-jet

7.,_____,to write, g, tvwuh

9.,_____,to speak, h, tvwuh

10.,_____,to want, i, muhl

11.,_____,to eat, j, deek

12.,_____, to do; to make, k, sdab

13.,_____, to like, L, dtin

14.,_____, to sleep, M, nyum

15.,_____, to read,N, jong

Section 2 – Translate the khmer words into english.

1. Khnyum jong  leeng Facebook. (if the sentence is jong + verb just jong then verb, if it is jong + noun then need to go jong + baan + noun.

2. Nek jong dteu nul Koh Pich te? (Koh Pich = Diamond Island)

3. Khnyum jong ail. (ail is shirt)

4.  Tov!

Click 2nd page for the answers and a cute picture of a monkey!

The picture:

orangutan with girls

Stop monkeying around and get to finishing the worksheet!

and the answers…

Section 1 answers – matching khmer verbs to their english verbs.

1. D

2.  K

3. L

4.  G

5. i

6.  A

7.  C

9. E

10.  N

11. M

12. H

13. F

14. J

15. B

Section 2  answers – translating the khmer words into english.

1. I want to play Facebook.

2. Do you want to go to Koh Pich?

3. I want a shirt.

4. Let’s Go!




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