Top 10 Khmer Facebook words & phrases

Top 10 Khmer Facebook words and phrases.

Are you friends with some khmers? Here are some frequently used khmer facebook words and english abbreviations that might help you decipher that moto bike accident photo that you keep seeing on Srey Nich’s khmer facebook feed.

10. Nas – means very….used frequently to say Cute nas! sa-art nas! can be used with most english adjectives.

9. Tov – to go…. example:Β Tov mun tov jeng means go first.

8. Saart, sa-art – beautiful, pretty, handsome…. Used a lot to comment on pictures.

7. Yuon – Vietnamese…. Some people say this word has bad meaning, some say it is just a way to describe someone from vietnam. Will see used a lot on political posts.

6. +1 <3 share….. They want there picture of whatever to be like 100 times and shared many times so they get more likes.

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5. Nob 70….. Or just nob means darling. A famous thai song that khmer’s sing is honey sob nob 70.

4. Fri – does not mean Friday…this abbreviation means friend.

3. Sth – another abbreviation popular on facebook is sth which means something.

2. Play facebook – A khmenglish sentence is not correct if it is just, “I was on facebook”it has to include the verb ‘play’….so I was playing facebook….

1. Na – completes the sentence – how are you today bong na? sa art na. Or nov na mean where.

Question time: Tea kynom ort cute doch ke te na all fri (answer at the end)

Thx na for reading my top ten khmer facebook words and phrases. lol πŸ™‚ <3




Answer i’m not cute like others. You could probably guess kynom ort cute as i am not cute…and we know all friend is the ending…so a guess of i am not as cute as my friends would be a good guess and pretty close!





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