Khmer Wedding Ceremony ពីធីមង្គលការ​​

Khmer Wedding Ceremony


Bpii Tii Mong-kol-kaa


All men and women always want to have prospective partners who understand and love each other. Wedding preparation is very important to confirm that both are now a couple and will take care of each other until death.

The wedding ceremony is very meaningful for each individual as it who follows their tradition and the laws of the country. In western countries, they have different weddings depending on local tradition, culture and religion. Cambodia also has different weddings depending on the family’s local tradition, culture, and religion too.

In the past, wedding cerebration lasted for 3 days. The bride (កូនក្រមុំ kon kro-mom) and groom (កូនកំលោះ kon kom-lous)​cannot decide to choose someone that he or she loves by themselves. They only follow from their parents’ choice.

If both families have decided already, parents would then carefully find the best date for the wedding of their sons and daughters. This date is important as it brings good luck and harmony for the couple. Some families do not allow their children to marry in the rainy season and some delay it for two years after the engagement ceremony because the fortune teller (គ្រូទាយ​ groo dtiay) says to wait.

Presently, Khmer wedding ceremony is only celebrated for only one day and a half. The wedding ceremony generally is celebrated at the bride’s house. In the evening, the monks (ព្រះសង្ឃ prearh song) bless the bride and groom, while the parents, neighbors​(អ្នកជិតខាង​ nek jiit kaang) and close friends watch.

After the blessing, they have to prepare 36 different kinds of fruits, meats, and, Khmer cakes (Nom Arn Sorm, Nom Korm, Nom Bort…). Also there will be a lot of different types of flowers on display. Early morning, the traditional Khmer songs will start to play.

The bride has two or three bridesmaids(​អ្នកកំដរ​ nek kom dor) behind her, and she has to wait for the groom that will bring 36 fruits to her house. The wedding ceremony has many activities to complete such as:


neang nek, woman dragon


Preah Thoung Taung Sbey Neang Neak, which is a Khmer scarf the bride wears and the groom has to hold up so it doesn’t touch the floor. The reason for this comes from a story about a dragon bride and the human male that has to hold on to the dragons scarf so they can be together.



Bach Juk Pley Cher, which is the ritual of the bride feeding fruit to the groom and then the groom feeding fruit to the bride. In the picture below shows bach juk pley cher but with a famous old ​Cambodian actor,

Bach Juk Pley Cher








Kat Sork, is the process of close friends and family members that cut a small piece of hair from both the bride and groom.

kat sok, cut the hair








In the evening, they will have a wonderful party at the bride’s house or a hall. At the hall the couple will sit at the front to welcome all incoming guests to their wedding reception. Also they usually have a little gift for the guests who join their wedding. Furthermore the bride and groom have to change clothes many times. During the party there are fantastic foods, fresh fruits, dancing, and singing.

Some wedding ceremonies have adopted the western practice of a western cake and then cutting the cake. Before they cut the cake, many wedding guests will throw flowers to give wishes to the new couple. After the cake is cut, the bride and groom will also throw a bunch of flowers back at the guests. Sometimes this flower will have some small money in a red pocket (អាំងប៉ាវ ang pauvl). Sometimes the bride will throw the flower specifically to one girl who is close to being married. Then after these events, there is only drinking and dancing around the center stand of fruit.

Khmer Wedding CeremonyBpii Tii Mong-kol-kaaពីធីមង្គលការ​​
BrideKon kro-momកូនក្រមុំ
GroomKon kom-lousកូនកំលោះ
Fortune tellerGroo dtiayគ្រូទាយ​
MonkPrearh songព្រះសង្ឃ
CakeNom នំ
 Guy hold scarf of the bridePreah Thoung Taung Sbey Neang Neak ព្រះថោងតោងស្បៃនាងនាគ
 NeighborNek jiit kaang អ្នកជិតខាង​
 bridesmaids Nek kom dor អ្នកកំដរ​
Cutting the hairKat Sork កាត់សក់
Red pocketAng pauvlអាំងប៉ាវ

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