Testimonials for Learn Khmer Now

Here are some quotes from past and present students:

I have taken lessons from Vanna through Skype and also in Phnom Penh. She has always helped me learn and encouraged me even when I was struggling really bad. I had to miss some Skype lessons at the last minute, and she never charged me for those classes. She was really accommodating, and everything I could ask for from a Cambodian teacher.

I had looked for a Khmer tutor for a while. I looked on khmer440.com and kept getting really bad tutors that could not speak English at all and just read from a book. I was losing faith until I discovered Vanna, she has helped me out tremendously.


Learn Khmer Now testimonialI work for an organization here and thus had to start learning Khmer. I wanted someone that could teach me the basics like how to order in the markets, buy food, give directions, etc.

I asked her not to waste time on non essential words and she actually understood and just taught me the basics, and taught them well! I will always recommend her to any of my expat friends needing a tutor.


Another testimonial for learn Khmer now:

Vanna is an awesome teacher. She has gone above and beyond her teaching abilities. I am really bad at pronouncing Khmer words and she has stayed patient and always has helped me.


One more testimonial for Learn Khmer Now.

khmer studentI wanted to go Cambodia for an adventure. I was stuck over in the states and was saving money for coming over. I tried renting some books from the library, but was getting no where. I started watching YouTube videos of Khmer and that helped a lot.

My pronunciation was really bad still, so I booked Vanna for Skype lessons, and i started getting confidence. She also taught me a lot about culture, festivals, and current politics. I also enjoyed her free content from Learn Khmer Now .com


Here is a review written by my Japanese student. I can teach Khmer to non native english speakers. It is harder to communicate, but korean, japanese and chinese speakers can learn how to pronunciate correctly more quickly then western speakers. Anyhow here is my japanese student that learned Khmer by Skype.





I have been highlighted on websites like: Cambodia Women in Business, http://www.voicesofmarketing.com/written-interviews/learn-khmer-now, and

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